5 Coding Games You Should Play

A short list of programming games to play!

I have always been a fan of video games. You can imagine my excitement when I found out there were games I could play to sharpen my programming skills. From CSS to SQL to some of the most common programming languages — here is a list of my top 5 games from 2020.

CodeCombat preview


CodeCombat is aimed at teachers and students, but anyone can play. Learn Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, or C++. Move your hero through the beginner Dungeon level using basic commands!

Ruby Warrior preview

Ruby Warrior

Interested in learning Ruby? — Ruby Warrior may be the game for you, especially for beginners and intermediates. The lessons start out fairly easy and progressively get more difficult.

SQL Murder Mystery

SQL Murder Mystery

SQL Murder Mystery is a great game to test your detective and SQL query skills! This is a great game for beginners and intermediates that will teach and apply database concepts such as Primary and Foreign Keys, Table Joins, Aggregate Functions and more!

VIM Adventures Preview

VIM Adventures

Vim Adventures is a great game if you’re interested in learning how to Vim — a highly configurable text editor. In a Zelda-like setting, you’ll use Vim keyboard shortcuts to navigate your character.

Flexbox Defense

Flexbox Defense

Flexbox Defense is another great way to practice your flexbox skills. This time, you’ll move gun towers into position along a path to defeat oncoming waves of enemies, using the same kinds of commands as Flexbox Froggy.


  • Typing.io — a typing tutor for programmers
  • jsdares — learn to make your own game in JavaScript
  • Untrusted — rewrite and excute JavaScript code to save Dr. Eval!

I hope you found a few new games that will level up your coding skills! If I missed any good ones or you have any suggestions for games I’d like to play, please drop it in a comment below!

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