• Kelsey Oshiro

    Kelsey Oshiro

  • Jack Callaway Sanders

    Jack Callaway Sanders

    A Fullstack Web Dev-arino, part time ‘cool guy’. My website is https://jacksanders.xyz

  • Bindeponle


  • Rodney Smith II

    Rodney Smith II

    Hi, my name is Rodney Smith II.

  • Kevin Glasgow

    Kevin Glasgow

    Full Stack Software Engineer | Passion for Frontend and Design | Dirt Rider & Snow Glider | www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-glasgow/

  • Music Meier

    Music Meier

    Full stack developer with a Masters in Classical Piano Performance and an affinity for travel, learning, and creating.

  • Allen Lea

    Allen Lea

    A software engineer living in lonely world! He took the midnight train going anywhere.

  • Paige Miles

    Paige Miles

    Full-stack developer. Funny-peculiar. Lover of baking, yoga, and reading (between the lines).

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